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At SatSimple we strongly believe Bitcoin is only getting started and that the next few years will see it emerge as a significant global digital store of value to compete with gold.

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As global interest rates decline or even turn negative there will be an increasing demand for assets that are safe and provide yield

As Bitcoin matures it is leading to increased regulatory clarity particularly in EU which in turn is attracting more and more customers to Bitcoin.

But….the options to engage with Bitcoin today are overly complex with poor customer experiences and interfaces. There is a universal lack of trust and transparency and there are few resources to help guide and protect consumers through the process of acquiring, storing or managing their Bitcoin.

In answer to this we have created SatSimple…a EU regulated service that integrates unique innovative features that easily guide you through the process of buying and owning Bitcoin

It is designed not just for beginners joining the Bitcoin ecosystem but also as a service to traders and Hodlers alike that are looking for a more innovative and safer alternative.

It’s time for change...

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